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February 2009
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So this past weekend I went down to Virginia Beach for a little family get together. It was really nice, the condo we had was huge and it was really amazing to see all my family again. It was beautiful all weekend, 75 degrees and I spent a good amount in the ocean and in the hot tub there.
But then I had to to come right back into stress. I came into Plattsburgh straight into class, and since then it's been nothing but classes, work, and school work and I am really completely utterly exhausted both physically and emotionally. I am so glad I get to see Leticia on Thursday and have some days off work, but this weekend will be Mark and Megan's wedding, and although I'm excited about it, it's still stressful and I just want to pass out right now.
Oh, well look at that, I have to go to class weeee

Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Current Music: Death Cab for Cutie - We Laugh Indoors

Oh man, look at this, Palin might not make it to tonight's debate!

Corey and I went to a local Unitarian church to watch the debate on their Hi-Def projection system. It was defintiely interesting to be with the older church crowd and hearing them hoot and hollar at some of the ridiculous comments. Did anybody else watch it tonight?

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes

uggh I'm nervous about a report I have to present tomorrow that's been pushed back twice. I just want to get it over with though but I know I'll be thinking abou tit all day tomorrow, I'm no good at public speaking :(

Current Mood: crankycranky
Current Music: At The Drive-In - Non Zero Possibility

Sorry about not elaborating what happened in my last entry, I was just hit with some devastating news about my 4 year long relationship and I needed to vent but I didn't really want to say anything until I figured out better what was going on. I still don't really feel comfortable talking about what happened on here, but I had Leticia come up on Wednesday so we could try to work things out. After talking, we decided this distance is really hard on us and we're still together but our relationship's changed a bit and we're just going to have to be open and honest with each other and we should be able to make it through this..

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Current Music: Straylight Run - Tool Sheds And Hot Tubs

well this is certainly fucked up

Current Mood: crushedcrushed

Just got back from NYC this weekend and I'm pretty tired right now but I still have to do laundry for work tomorrow.

Anyway, my weekend started Saturday morning where Yo Adrian! was playing downtown for Mayor's Cup. The stage was basically just a trailer with a wall folded down out in the middle of a parking lot where no one was. The guys from Dicks Music were there to help them set up and they were super awesome. Real nice guys and they were a real help getting everything to sound right even if it wasn't their type of music. I was pretty disappointed that not many people showed up becuase 11am really isn't that early, but sans Justion breaking a couple strings, I think they played a really good set.

Right after they finished we thanked everyone there then packed up the cars and Justin, Corey, and I went to fetch Iann who was going to NYC with us but mysteriously wasn't at the show. So we went and dragged him out of his apartment as he was making PB & J sandwiches. Apparently he was up until 5 the previous night and opted for an extra hour of sleep instead of going to see Yo Adrian. The next 5 or 6 hours it took us to drive down to the train station to get to the city then consisted of a lot of comments ragging on Iann for his lateness.

We got down to where our directions said the train station was and..it was just a park. so we asked a cop for directions and he wasn't very useful and he got us lost more. After asking some guys at a Radioshack, we finally found our way a train station..just in time to miss the train. The next train came a half hour later which would unfortuantely get us a little late to the show but cursing Croton/Ossining the whole time, we finally made it into Grand Central and met Syd and Allison who led us through the subways to get to the venue.

We got there basically just as Paint It BVlack were finishing up their set, so we didn't get to see them at all really but it didn't bother any of us because none of us were fans. The next band was Thursday, so I got in the middle of the crowd to wait for them to play. Once they began the whole crowd of course surged forward, so I was up pretty close. They started off with some new stuff which I didn't know very well but liked. They then played "Paris in Flames" and "Understanding (in a Car Crash)" which I flipped out about and screamed along to in a big sweaty crowd. At some point they mentioned they were soon going to be releasing a split EP with a Japanese band called Envy on Temporary Residence. Now I believe I heard they were releasing an album on TR and since the label is very big on post-rock post-metal instrumental stuff, I was hoping Thrusday would be doing this split as an instrumental and boy I wasn't disappointed. Geoff, the vocalist, went over to keyboards and they played this great post-rock song and now I'm totally pumped for this split and I think I'm definitely going to preorder it. The ended with "In Transmition" (I think) "Autobiography of a Nation" and as I kept getting pushed up during the set I was right up near the front. At the end of the set Geoff ended up standing on the barrier right over the crowd and he was basically right on top of me as I right along and it was really one of those moments that you keep going to shows for. Definitely incredible.

After getting crushed and sweaty for Thursday I decided to just chill up on the balcony for Hot Water Music. Propbably the main reason is because I know the tunes of a lot of Hot Water Music songs but I don't really know the lyrics or anything so I'd feel weird if I was down in the crowd and didn't know any of the words to sing along to. I really wasn't disappointed up there though, I had a great virew of the band and I could observe the crowd which was a lot of fun. I even got some pictures and videos which I hope came out well. Concernening the band themselves..I was definitely expecting them to be very good, but I was still blown away. They were just amazing live, just so much energy and it's really surprising that for a band that's been doing this for what, a decade plus, you could tell they were just having so much fun playing. They played a lot of old stuff that I actually rcognized, which kind of surprised me and I am utterly a fan now. As we were heading out, I bought Caution, No Division, and the new B-sides album Till the Wheels Fall Off (unfortuantely the were sold out of Forever and Counting) on vinyl and now that I actually own some of their albums I think I can really absorb their stuff.

Aaand now I'm back and tired so I'm going to end this but thanks to Syd and Allison for giving us a place to stay in the city, we had a blast.

Current Mood: happyFantastic
Current Music: Thursday - Where The Circle Ends

Hmm been up to some stuff lately, celebrated Travis' birthday last night and there was a show at the house last weekend. Other than that I've been feeling pretty lazy and lethargic. Ehhh and I don't really know what else to say.

Current Mood: blahblah

Boy I'm pretty tired.

Yesterday I dropped Leticia off at the bus station so she went back home :( I'm not sure when I'll get to see her again, hopefully in a couple of weeks at least.

After that, once Justin got out of work we drove down to Lake Placid to see the film festival there since Corey got us free tickets because he's awesome. First we saw Frozen River, which was shot in and around Plattsburgh and I really enjoyed it. It won Grand Jury prize at Sundance and apparently has been picked up by Sony Pictures Classics for realease, yay! After that we stayed to see "New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward" which I thought was going to be a documentary on New Orleans, but it should have been called "Here's a bunch of crap that Jonathan Demme is working on" because it was just a couple unfinished short films, mostly about N.O. but also some short about a wedding and then a 20 minute live video of one Niel Young song..it was really less than exciting unfortuantely.

So I got back at like 12:30 last night and had to work at 5 this morning, now I'm headed to a show at 56 Elm but I don't think I'll stay too long becuase I need to work at 5 again tomorrow and I'm pretty pooped, so yeah.

Current Mood: tiredtired
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